The Townhouse Hotel

Refining the Brand Identity of a Classic Restaurant and Hotel.

The Townhouse Hotel is an Arbroath-based restaurant, bar and hotel with a cosy atmosphere, traditional food, and short-term residency for its regular visitors.

The Townhouse first reached out to us for printed restaurant menus, and over the years we have extended our offering to include an array of signage, posters, staff clothing and even website support!

Refining a Cohesive Brand to Mirror a Quality Service

With a loyal community and a reputation for great service, The Townhouse didn’t need to recreate its brand but to refine it. Our mission was to align the brand’s visual identity with the esteemed service and quality products its customers already knew and loved.


Eye-catching food & drink menus, elegant business cards and a plethora of advertising posters.


Front-of-shop facia signs, interchangeable hanging signs and window decals

Branded Clothing

Company clothing, including brand-coloured aprons with logos for bar staff, name badges and more.

“As a long-term Astute partner, we are consistently impressed with the design and print of their products. We continue to engage with Astute on a number of levels and hope to see continued growth for both partners.”

Graeme – Townhouse Hotel Owner

Implementing Brand Guidelines

Initially, The Townhouse advertised with a diverse array of colourful signs and varying fonts, featuring a purple sign at one location, a vibrant green at another, and a brown one elsewhere. Although each sign appeared fine on its own, such variations risk undermining a brand’s cohesive visual identity…

Brand guidelines are essential for growing businesses, serving as a detailed blueprint for how a company presents itself at every touchpoint. For The Townhouse, embracing these guidelines was transformative, ensuring their appearance to customers reflected professionalism, credibility, and recognition consistently. This uniformity is especially vital in the hospitality industry, where the consistency of brand experience significantly affects guest perceptions and satisfaction.

In our partnership, we aimed to forge a cohesive brand identity that aligns with The Townhouse’s values and heritage. Through standardising logo use, colour schemes, typography, and tone of voice, we developed a brand narrative that communicates clearly and elegantly with guests, employees, and stakeholders, going beyond mere visual appeal. Our focus was on delivering a consistent message that fosters trust and loyalty among guests, thereby enhancing their experience and increasing customer retention.