Driving a 150% Revenue Boost for Refstore Through Simple Social Media Restructuring

As a leading online shop for referee equipment in the UK and beyond, Refstore has built a solid reputation based on quality, dependability, and unparalleled one-on-one customer support. Already a partner with The Astute Group for print solutions, Refstore naturally sought our expertise to enhance its digital presence.


Refstore knew their social media game needed levelling up. Although known for quality products and customer service, their digital presence was not up to par.

With aspirations of turning their social media platforms into go-to resources for referees, Refstore wanted to shift from posting sporadically to strategically.

First Steps

Our first move involved a deep dive into Refstore’s existing posts to align their strategy with their goals. This led to a content overhaul that resonated with the brand’s core values of quality, dependability, and meaningful customer engagement. New posts would offer value beyond just product details, and a community would be nurtured through timely follower interactions.

    Audience Discovery

    Understanding your audience is crucial in social media. Our research pinpointed UK-based referees as key players, and our organic Instagram outreach system yielded a 134% surge in followers. On Facebook, we found the most activity in specialised Facebook Groups, so we collaborated with major groups in the space, boosting brand visibility and successfully embedding Refstore into those huge communities.

    Messaging Strategy

    We designed a comprehensive messaging matrix, tailored to the diverse needs and different sophistication levels of Refstore’s target audiences. This mix included introducing video content, professional images with compelling calls-to-action and native content designed for maximum engagement. The strategy also involved creating easily shareable content and broadening Refstore’s reach organically.

    Reputation Management

    While Refstore’s Facebook page was active, it lacked brand coherence. We revamped their profile to emphasise their unique selling points and top products. A targeted review campaign also swiftly elevated them from “unrated” to a stellar 5-star rating, pulling in 1200% more reviews than before and outpacing their closest competitors.


    Rise in returning customers site-wide


    Sales increase via Instagram