Scottish Honeyberry Growers

An omnichannel overhaul for a revolutionary food retailer.

Scottish Honeyberry Growers is an innovative food company, pioneering in local cultivation and large-scale distribution of a revered superfruit from Japan – the Honeyberry – now for the first time in Scotland, catering to the UK market and beyond.

Our longstanding partnership with Honeyberry spans decades, during which we’ve provided comprehensive support ranging from social media management to assistance with events and exhibition stands.

Omnichannel Support

As a fast-growing enterprise, Scottish Honeyberry Growers requires extensive marketing support across various marketing channels. We’re already ready to assist, from product packaging design to targeted digital ads.

Print & Packaging

Printed brochures, flyers, packaging and personalised gift boxes are often designed and produced in-house at The Astute Group HQ.

Social Media

We schedule regular Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn posts, as well as targeted online ads for maximum revenue and community building.

Email Marketing

To capitalise on the traffic from our social media efforts, we capture leads via email and strategically convert prospects to regular buyers.

Exhibition & Event Support

Combining modular stands, banners and printed handouts, we deliver a seamless experience for all Scottish Honeyberry exhibition visitors.


As a complete brand partner, The Astute Group simplifies the entire marketing process for businesses, allowing them to laser-focus on what they do best.

Check out our seamless multi-channel marketing materials for the Scottish Honeyberry Growers below!