Case Study

Don & Low – textile manufacturers


One of our longest and strongest relationships is with Don & Low Ltd, a worldwide leader in textile manufacturing.

Don & Low require a particularly diverse range of branding supplies on a regular basis. That means printed supplies and stationery as often as every week, with as fast as same-day delivery.

And it’s not just the little projects – we supply them with custom building signage and office furnishings too…

A Key Supplier For Over Two Decades

The Astute Group partnered with Don & Low back in 2001.
Now 22 years down the line? Our relationship is stronger than ever.


Among other printed stationery, we’ve delivered 100,000+ printed inserts to Don & Low in 2022 alone. We’re never late, and they’re never unsatisfied.


Just this year – we’ve designed, manufactured, delivered and installed three commercially sized building signs for Don & Lows properties.

Office Supplies

We provide Don & Low with stationery and office essentials every single week, regularly delivering orders within 24 hours of them being placed.

Office Furniture

When Don & Low think of reliable, affordable, quality furniture – they think of The Astute Group. We install and replace furniture in offices all over the country.

Bespoke Signage Installations

99.7% Order Satisfaction

8000+ Days in partnership.

We provide unparalleled communication speed and clarity to Don & Low with every project to guarantee rapid turnaround times, every time.


Take a look at various Don & Low branding projects below!