Baker Hughes

Client Highlight

Baker Hughes is one of our larger partners – a leading energy efficiency organisation with bases all over Europe and America.

With an innate focus on building a sustainable future, we do our best to provide Baker Hughes with ecological merchandise, signage and event support all over the world, multiple times a year.

Rapid Results, No Exceptions

Baker Hughes often imposes extremely tight deadlines on us for their larger projects and exhibitions. In 5 years of partnership, we’ve delivered on time, every time – with no exceptions.

Branded Merchandise

We supply Baker Hughes with a massive range of sustainable merchandise such as tote bags, polo shirts, travel mugs and more.


The Astute Group provide Baker Hughes with ecological event signage including pull-up banners and fabric display stands multiple times a year.


We hand deliver and install 100% of our comprehensive Baker Hughes exhibition stands across the UK under constantly tight deadlines.


2000+ Miles Driven To Hand Deliver in 2022

Comprehensive Event Support Year Round

We provide second-to-none communication and support with each unique design project for rapid turnaround times, every time.

 Feel free to take a look at our various Baker Hughes projects below!