Maison Dieu Coffee Roasters

From an standard speciality coffee company to an unforgettable brand, a devoted community of superfans and record revenue.


In the cosy city of Brechin, there stood an independent coffee roaster, some outstanding speciality coffee, and a brand that didn’t quite match the calibre of their brews.

Their mission? To develop a congruent brand, increase their online coffee sales,  and become an industry leader by acting as a central hub for speciality coffee education and community.

The Challenge: 
A Monochromatic Beginning

Maison Dieu’s coffee quality was never in question.
The real obstacle lay in their branding’s lack of visual excitement, making it hard to convey excellence to prospects.

Starting with a simple black-and-white logo, basic packaging designs, and a minimalist website, we embraced the challenge of an omni-channel transformation – beginning with the logo at the centre of it all…

Phase 1:

Bringing the Brand to Life

After infusing the logo with subtle, yet powerful colours, it was time to redesign the coffee bags themselves.

Each bag represented a geographic region, so we decided to combine local symbolism and native, vibrant colours to tell the story of each bean. Looking at the new packaging, you can almost taste the exotic flavours without even opening the bags!

Phase 2:

Simplifying the User Experience

With so many coffees on offer, we concluded that decision fatigue might have been slowing down Maison Dieu’s orders – so we streamlined the coffee selection process for good.

With a 4-colour sticker system, we categorised their vast range into an easy-to-navigate coffee collection. Customers now find their favourites coffees with ease, even as seasonal varieties come and go.

Phase 3:

Signs of  New Beginnings


As Maison Dieu opened their second premises in Broughty Ferry, they sought exterior and interior signage that exuded modernity and aligned closely to their all-new branding.

As a complete brand partner, we crafted, produced, managed and installed full-scale, attention-grabbing signage that added an aura of sophistication to the fresh café to help them truly stand out.

Phase 4:

Online Catalogue to Sweeping Coffee Hub

Maison Dieu’s website had previously functioned as a mere product catalogue. Recognising that the brand stood for more, we helped them construct a comprehensive hub for coffee education.

Visitors could now explore brewing techniques, learn about each bean’s origins, discover their favourite coffees, and engage through a dynamic blog section, keeping all coffee enthusiasts connected and informed about Maison Dieu’s latest offerings and events.

A Cosmic Shift in Social Media Strategy.

Like most growing businesses, Maison Dieu’s social media presence was more sporadic than strategic.

After handing the reigns to The Astute Group, they’d gone from the odd last-minute upload to pre-planned, professionally designed and strategised scheduling.

Both engagement and sales skyrocketed as we introduced educational and entertainment content to the existing mix of sales-based posts.


Three Months Later... +134% in Online Sales

In just three months, Maison Dieu witnessed more than a doubling in online sales.

Their website experienced record-high visitor numbers. Their rebranded image, dedication to coffee education, and warm atmosphere captured the hearts and palates of coffee lovers from near and far.

Today, Maison Dieu represents more than just coffee; it embodies a thriving community, a platform for knowledge sharing, and a break from the exclusivity that once veiled speciality coffee. With a fresh logo, captivating physical branding, an informative website, and a vibrant social media presence, Maison Dieu stands as a testament to the game-changing power of a robust brand.

This transformation, though part of Maison Dieu’s natural progression, gained its momentum through a unified strategy. By partnering with The Astute Group, Maison Dieu ensured a cohesive and effective brand progression in a fraction of the time it would have taken to do alone.